Disc Filters-Filter element

Filter Media:
Filter medium for Disc Filters is multi-layer sintered wire cloth, with a rating range from 0.5 to 200micron, in a diameter from 200mm to 3000mm. Disc filters with multi-layer sintered wire cloth as filter medium, enjoy good strength, accurate filter rating, long life-span and repeatedly cleaning.

Standard material of disc filters is SUS316L. Other metals like Nickel alloy or Titanium alloy are also available at customers request.

Disc filters are ideal filter fittings for three-in-one filtration ( filtering, washing and drying ) in pharmaceutics, food, chemical industries and polymers. Disc filters work as a complete unit or in parts.

Disc filters Series

Disc Filter Model: DF - D - R 
DF - Disc Filters
D - Diameter
R - Filter Rating

Model D(mm) Filter Area R(μm) Filter Media Structure
DF-600-R 600 0.28M2 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60

Stainless steel multi-layer sintered wire cloth in thickness:

DWG.1 Combined type: Filter sheet and supporting sheet are welded together, then each unit is connected with bolts.

DWG.2 Monoblock type: Filter sheet is connected to supporting sheet with bolts or welded together, then welded with flange.

DWG.3 Monoblock type: Filter sheet is directly sintered with perforated sheet, then welded with flange.

DF-800-R 800 0.50M2
DF-1000-R 1000 0.79M2
DF-1200-R 1200 1.13M2
DF-1600-R 1600 2.01M2
DF-1800-R 1800 2.54M2
DF-2000-R 2000 3.14M2
DF-2300-R 2300 4.15M2
DF-2400-R 2400 4.52M2
DF-2600-R 2600 5.31M2
DF-2750-R 2750 5.94M2
DF-2800-R 2800 6.15M2
DF-3000-R 3000 7.06M2